Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bullying Recovery Podcast- Why Speak Now?

You may have heard that I was invited to speak on a podcast with Alan Eisenberg of Healthy University. You can find the podcast on the link below...

Listen here: The Podcast at Bullying Recovery

As you know by reading this blog I have no problem with writing about mental illness. I'll openly share my stories, answer questions, discuss topics and nothing is a taboo subject. I want to speak about mental health but until now you may have never heard my voice or me actually speak about my mental illness. You may have seen my Youtube videos but I struggled to watch them back and removed these. I found that I could easily write about anything but the act of saying it out loud was difficult for me to do. So why now?

Well, when asked to be part of the podcast I couldn't say no. I admire the work of Bullying Recovery and of the podcast host Alan Eisenberg. He speaks with a clarity and wisdom about topics that make me want to shout out loud "me too, he gets me". And you can see the amazing work he does by visiting:

Secondly I constantly challenge myself to fight my mental illness. I knew I would find it difficult so that's why I said yes. I knew I would feel anxious leading up to the interview and whilst doing it, which I did very much so, but I knew I would control that anxiety and not let it stop me. And finally, I did it because I will do anything that gets my message out of "you are not alone" to others suffering with mental illness. 

I don't want to think of anybody feeling as though they do not belong, they are alien to others, they have no hope or purpose, they are weird or strange, this is only happening to them, they are isolated by mental illness. I felt all of these and I won't be the last person to feel them which is why I need to try and reach as many people as possible. I know people will say if you can only reach one person out there and help them then it is all worth it. Not for me. It would be amazing to know that but it's not enough in the battle against ending stigma and kicking depression and anxieties butt for me. So you never know, you might get bored of hearing my voice now!

Much love,
Becky xx


Bullying Recovery said...

Becky you are awesome. Of course, I'm a sucker for an English accent, but you spoke with such openness. I was honored to have you as a guest. We are all in this together. Thank you for your very kind comments. ~Alan

Becky said...

It's the truth, you do brilliant work and it was a pleasure. There's a kind of community feel for me with mental illness, I've connected with so many wonderful people through it. It's one of the silver linings for me :)