Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Little Book Review

I've just discovered a very sweet series of books by author Lucy Lane. Not only are these little guys very cute they are also crammed with tips that can greatly benefit your well being and mental state. There are 7 books in the series (I will be purchasing them all) but so far have 4 to review for you. Each book is a very easy read but not to be underestimated...

The Little Book of Positivity
  • the perfect gift for anyone and written very thoughtfully
  • positive quotes that are great for reflecting on and a little inspiration
  • you can pick and choose what works for you
  • packed with top tips based on fact, science and research
  • everything is 'healthy' meaning there isn't anything you could try that might have a negative effect
  • covers all area's of well being: relationships, emotions, diet, triggers, sleep, home environment, work life, finances, relaxation, self image, confidence, hobbies, exercise, mind, body, spirit and soul
  • my personal favourite of the three

The Little Book of Happiness
  • Focusing on the simpler things in life
  • Mainly quotes but still with some good tips to follow
  • The quotes used are really heartwarming
  • Some things are repeated from the other books but I'd expect this as the book topics are quite interlinked
  • Everything mentioned is something you could try

The Little Book of Relaxation

  • perfect for anyone who appreciates the calmness of life or needs a gentle nudge into a relaxing state of mind
  • an easy read which makes you feel calm and relaxed simply by taking in the words
  • inspirational quotes
  • offers tips that are simple to implement into your daily life, many which have been discussed in this blog and are proven to work
  • would be a great read for someone struggling with anxiety or stress

The Little Book of Friendship

  • how cute is that cover!
  • a sweet idea for a gift to a friend or loved one
  • tips on how to keep your friendship strong
  • seems to have more quotes in this little book
  • I feel this book is more something you would give to someone than buy for yourself but still a good read with good advice
    The Little Book of Inspiration
    • this book was full of 'yes!' moments for me
    • filled with really positive ideas for those of us who are uninspired, bored, stuck in a rut, lacking creativity or imagination
    • just reading this little book gives you a 'can do' attitude
    • I really got stuck into some of the exercises while reading and found them useful
    • this book would be great for anyone from a teen starting out in life to an elderly retiree- the perfect little gift

    The Little Book of Comfort
    • great for anybody needing to destress, unwind, calm anxiety or just make life that little more pleasant
    • full of simple yet effective tips that are easy to fit into your everyday life
    • many of the points have been discussed in this blog and have plenty of research behind them
    • topics focusing on mind, body, soul, relationships, environment and much more
    The Little Book of Resilience

    • a little book with a big 'can do' attitude
    • focusing on inner strength, determination, positive thinking and self belief
    • a great little boost for anyone who tends to be pessimistic or struggles with facing life's challenges
    • even if you're a glass half full person this little book helps you to focus on your strengths and put them into practise when needed

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    Much love,
    Becky xx

    Saturday, April 08, 2017

    Forest Bathing

    The Japanese national health programme of Shinrin-Yoku or 'Forest Bathing' was launched in 1982. It is seen as a form of healing for both body and mind, is free and very simple to do. Don't worry it's not bathing in pine needles or hugging an oak tree but simply spending time around trees. A gentle walk or time sitting in a forest or wooded area where you can take time to quietly contemplate and in turn benefit both your physical health and mental wellbeing. There has been extensive research but the short version is this... 

    Trees emit a natural oil, phytoncides, into the air that have the benefit for humans of helping us maintain a healthy immune system. The physical benefits of Forest Bathing have shown a lower blood pressure, improved sleep and lower heart rate. The mental benefits have been shown to boost energy levels, improved focus (including children with ADHD), reduce stress levels and reduce depression.

    This alone is great for our mental wellbeing and recovery from mental illness but if you want to step it up a level you could meditate, talk through your problems or write them down or even exercise in a woodland area. If you don't have a vast forest nearby try a local park. You could use a forest walk to build relationships with a loved one or spend time with your pet too.

    For me I can feel the benefits immediately of being in a forest. I find it calming, enjoyable and a place that engages my senses.

    Much love,
    Becky xx