Friday, July 22, 2016

The Nasty Things We Tell Ourselves

Not Just Depressed has a Facebook group that you are all welcome to join. Just click on this link... Facebook Group Before writing my previous post 'Stop Bullying Yourself' I asked people whether they too told themselves hurtful things when they feel down. 
Here are the results of the poll...

Both men and women took part, some with a diagnosed mental illness and some without. It seems that no matter how mentally healthy you are we can all be our own worst critic. From time to time we all put ourselves down, doubt our abilities, see our flaws, dwell on the things we don't like about ourselves and a lot of the time believe things that just aren't true about ourselves. 

We can be infact very hard on ourselves and this can lead to being consumed by these beliefs we have, self loath and feel very negative about our self image. Our mind may tell us things that are untrue or exaggerated but why?

I personally feel that I do this when my mood is negative. I feel down and start to notice the bad in things, including myself. I believe negative things about myself. My anxiety kicks in and tells me something bad will happen or I will become ill. My depressed mind tells me I am ugly and a failure. I base this on facts but also on what other people have said and how others make me feel. My mood is foul and I am irritated and sensitive both mentally and physically. When in this state it's easier to be negative. When you're in pain or ill it's easier to say "my bodies useless" than "I'm a lovely person". It's easier to admit defeat but it's not the best idea for your mental health.

My biggest tip is whenever you feel yourself picking at yourself and your life you need to get yourself to a good state. Eat something, have a drink, take a deep breathe, have a rest or sleep, consider if you're too hot/cold or uncomfortable, take note of what your body is telling you and then empty your mind of thoughts for a moment. Give yourself time off from your mind. If you can meditate and meet your needs. Then see how you feel. The majority of the time. if your mental illness is not controlling you, you'll see things a little differently.

Remember: be kind to yourself, it's good for your health.

Much love,
Becky xx


Anonymous said...

This is lovely, some good advice. I think I need to start taking some of it! x

Becky said...

Thank you. It can be hard and a different way of thinking but we deserve to like and praise ourselves 🎉