Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rune Readings

Before I begin I should say that I'm not religious, I'm not a Pagan and I don't practise witchcraft but I am quite in touch with my spiritual side. I find Pagan rituals, celebrations and traditions fascinating. I love its connection to nature and its positivity and I'm open to others beliefs. I have many beliefs similar to those of Pagans but this is by me picking and choosing throughout my life what I believe to be true or special to myself. I remember my dad having a set of rune stones and tarot cards when I was younger and I was always interested in them and his views of spirituality which we talked about from me being a very young child. Now very recently I have been in touch with my spiritual side again and had a rune reading.

I've been in the beautiful town of Whitby, UK. The place itself is very special to me for many different reasons. On a trip there with my friend we visited a witchcraft store for the first time where we had a rune reading. 

The reading really connected with me at the time. I found something really soothing about it, as though it was a personal message for me from the spirit world by what was said. It related to my current situation and gave me faith in my abilities to make changes that have made me happier.

On this visit I had my second rune reading and again it really rung true to me and a current worry I had. The main message being that I hold onto my past even though I can't change it, whereas my future I can shape into anything I want. I was told I don't change for anyone and have a stubbornness that I use in a positive way to help others. This made me think of my blog and how I have no problems talking about my mental illness and will keep going until the message gets out that I want to tell others. 

You may say that the rune readings didn't DO anything but for me they did. Whether you believe in rune readings or not they give you something to think about. They may make you focus on a worry or question you have. They may give you a little encouragement or hope. You may even disagree with them and think about what it should of said, therefore taking time to analysis yourself which is always good to do. They may just be entertaining for you or interesting to listen to.

Personally I do trust my readings and think I had a reading from someone with a real gift and connection. You would have to see him do a reading to understand just how good he is. He brought me calm and answers as well as making me think. I will be returning for more readings and probably end up shopping in the store too! 

So thank you Spiritual Connections, Whitby. I know many others will have benefitted from their readings as I have. You are a true ray of light.

You can find out more about Spiritual Connections at: 

Much love,
Becky xx

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