Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fight Night- Becky vs Depression

After a David and Goliath battle it appears the giant has fallen after going a full 12 rounds. The heavyweight Depression dominated in previous rounds but laid defeated by the underdog. The winner, in their debut fight, is featherweight Becky.

Here's what they have to say about the fight...

Depression: "I was in control for the majority of the fight. I got in her mind and knew I had her rumbled. She lost her head and at one point I thought I'd get a knockout within the first few rounds."

Becky he says he got in your mind but there was some tremendously heavy blows too.

Becky: "I thought there was no chance for me. I was exhausted mentally but physically too I didn't expect that. I begged my corner to throw in the towel after round 2 but they saw something in me and by round 5 I got a second wind out of nowhere. Now I feel fine, there's not a mark on me."

Depression: "You'll always remember those blows though Becky, I promise you that. I think I'd got cocky and when she started to fight back it shocked me. I changed tactic with smaller blows hoping to pick her off slowly but she just took it. I didn't have any big hits left in me."

Becky: "I knew I could keep taking those last few shots but I was slipping what little blows Depression had left. I was surprised I could because before the fight I'd had hardly any training and thought I was going to fight a different opponent, then out walked Depression into the ring." 

That's true Depression. The bookies say you were unevenly matched with Becky the David to Goliath. Do you agree?

Depression: "I misjudged Becky. She seemed an easy fight at the beginning but she really stood her ground in the end. She must have had training, you can't be naturally that tough. That girl can take a hit."

Becky: "I suppose I have had some practise I just saw them as easier fights and I was in better shape for those. Depression was an excellent opponent at first but by the end it was as if he gave up. When he went down in round 12 I braced myself in case he got back up, but he just laid there."

And will there be a rematch?

Depression: "Possibly."

Becky: "I'm going to watch the fight back and see what moves worked best for me to improve my tactics. I'm going to stay in training if Depression calls me out."

Well there you have it folks. Depression may have lost this time but is already saying he may challenge Becky in the future. Our views on the fight? We believe the next bout won't last the full 12 rounds. We think Becky will take him down by round 6.

Much love,
Becky xx

Dedicated to my husband and corner man.


Thomas Costick said...

This is such good metaphor for how we battle with depression.
Thank you Becky for posting it.

Becky said...

No problem at all.
I've always seen it as a fight.
It doesn't mean it's easy but that doesn't mean I'll lose :)