Friday, February 17, 2017


Escapism: seeking distraction and relief from reality, searching for entertainment, creating or searching for fantasies

We all use escapism. Whether it's imagining lying on a beach somewhere, envisaging yourself to look differently, pretending your shower is a recording booth for your first studio album, planning where you'd go on your first date with your favourite celeb... It's something we humans do that animals don't. A creative mind, daydreams, thoughts of what might or could be. It sounds amazing right? But when does escapism become a problem?

Mental Escapism
To mentally escape we try and block out what is in our minds. This might be that because we are worrying about a job interview we pick up a book, play a game, speak to a friend... whatever it takes to take our mind off the matter. Sometimes it can be good to not think about a situation like when you're having an injection or watching a boring movie but we all need to remember that as much as we daydream that doesn't face a problem or solve anything. Dreaming you're the next top model isn't going to pay your electric bill in time! Try to tackle problems and if it becomes too much take a break and go back to it. Fully absorb what is on your mind and how it is making you feel.

Physical Escapism
When we engage our senses our brain concentrates on processing them and puts less effort into thought and the mental noise we have running through our minds. We have positive ways of engaging our senses to relax and escape; having a massage, eating comfort food, lighting a scented candle, visiting a beautiful area, listening to our favourite song. Then there are negative ways; promiscuity, self harm, violent behaviour. When you are doing things that are damaging to your health, mental state or make you feel guilty, upset or confused afterwards then these are not right for you.

Damaging Escapes
There are times when we feel the need to escape and will turn to a substance or activity for that release; alcohol, comfort food, drugs, herbal remedies, sex, extreme sports... Now in some instances these things can be beneficial for example hitting the gym after a stressful day at work or having a few drinks with friends to unwind after you've decorated your living room. But they can become a problem when they are used incorrectly. When they become addictions or consuming. When they become a distraction to completely avoid situations that need your attention. We all need to relax, unwind and escape from reality at times but within moderation. We still need to face the here and now and prepare for the future as well as dealing with the past.

Running Away
When we feel threatened our Fight, Flight, Freeze mechanism kicks in to help protect us. Sometimes we experience things that causes us to flee/take flight. This may be leaving the room, walking away from an argument, putting down the phone to avoid a conversation but for a minority of people it can be to physically run away. Walk out of their home or job and literally disappear for a period of time. When someone does this with no plan of action, no direction and without letting anyone know it can be extremely dangerous especially when their mental state is already shot.

Let me know your thoughts on escapism and the positive ways that you escape.

Much love,
Becky xx


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Thank you I'll take a look :)