Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Pregnancy Series

Our little girl will be due in April and I thought as a first time mummy who has previously suffered with mental illness that I may be able to shed some insights into pregnancy and mental wellbeing. We waited until I felt 'better' and well enough mentally and physically to try for a baby (then left it a little longer just in case.) I worked hard to keep my anxiety under control and depression at bay and still do now to maintain my mental health. For now it's all about maintenance and prevention. With a change in hormones, changes in my body and all those thoughts and worries that first timers have I wanted to talk about how I am caring for my mental health during pregnancy and hopefully others can relate or find some helpful hints in this series of pregnancy related posts. This series will cover...

- sharing your news read Baby News
- pregnancy and body image read Baby Beautiful
- bonding with bump read Baby Bond
- pregnancy worries read Baby Calm
- mood boosters read Baby Boost
- keeping focused/ on track read Baby Now

All posts can now be found on one page by clicking this link:

Each topic will set you a small challenge to complete and be open to comments. Mummies-to-be we are in this together and daddies-to-be may find these useful too. Let's talk about all things pregnancy related to our mental health. We can do this!

Mini challenge: you are about to experience the most beautiful journey- name three things you are most looking forward to or already enjoying about pregnancy

Much love,
Becky & Bump xx

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