Monday, April 04, 2016

Self Appraisal Exercise

I've been thinking about a recent response I left to a blog comment about self appraisal...

It got me to think of how you could do this and get the most out of it, so I have created an exercise that you could do. Whether it's once a month or every few months or you want to do it each week that's up to you but it gives you something to concentrate on. It also lets you take a look at yourself in a balanced way. I was always told to deliver a criticism in a 'compliment sandwich'. "your idea is really inventive, we might need to make a small change but apart from that I think it will work really well." It's all about making a criticism softer and focusing on what's good. Here is my idea to try:
The idea is to start at a negative circle: 'I want to be more' 'I need to work on' 'bad habits' 'I want to start'. It doesn't matter which one you start at as long as you work around the circle. This means that every time you write something negative about yourself, you follow it with a positive. If you get stuck on a positive then you can't continue until you have thought of something. If you are stuck on a negative then move on. The biggest achievement for me would be to struggle to find a negative about myself yet find positives.

The idea after you have written this is to see how things link together. For example in mine it says I want to be more active and start swimming again so by swimming I'd reach two of my goals. My positives include my home, husband and family so by being around them more and making sure my home is more organised, as mentioned, then this should keep me content.

However you do it, whether it's written, verbal to someone or thoughts to yourself why don't you give it a go. A positive for each negative. Let me know how it goes.

Much love,

Becky xx


Steven Williams said...

Great idea! This should be really helpful.

Becky said...

thank you :)