Saturday, April 02, 2016

Dear Becky

Dear Becky,

I'm so proud of how you are doing now and how far you have come. You've dealt with mental illness in all it's ugly glory and come out of it a more enlightened person. Your blog seems to be doing well and is hopefully helping others like you wanted it to do. Saying this I don't want to put a downer on things but I am a little worried.

You started at rock bottom and worked your way back up. You came up with strategies and plans to help but you don't seem to stick to things and old habits came back. I'm worried these old habits will drag you back down. You have the answers so why not practise what you preach?! You've slipped back to late nights on the internet and then getting up late. You're eating better but still binge on sugar when you know it doesn't agree with you and can affect your mood. You forget to take your tablet sometimes and that makes you feel strange. You used to love swimming and Zumba before but have become less active. I know you are concentrating on working full time and on your blog but you need to be selfish. That's your downfall. You don't put yourself first.

If you really thought about it you'd get to bed earlier, wake up at a decent time to have a good breakfast and have cuddles with your husband and your dog before work because that makes you feel ready for the day. You'd continue your blog but not obsess over how many views it has or if it's promoted enough. People are reading it so it must be doing some good out there. You need to get outdoors more. You love the outdoors; camping, glamping, the sea, forests, the fresh air. Yet you're starting to sleep in and stay at home. I don't think you are doing things wrong you are just not doing them right for you. Things could be better and you deserve them to be the best they can.

I really hope you take my advice and remember I love you.

Much love,

Yourself xx

As a personal challenge can you write a letter to yourself? I found it very therapeutic and hope it can help you too.

Much love,

Becky xx


Steven Williams said...

Excellent idea. I know sometimes I fall back into old habits thatt do not work well with my mental health issues. What a good way to remind myself what works and review negative habits that I might not otherwise notice that I'm doing again.

Thank you!

Becky said...

No problem at all. We often review how we are doing at work or school but not in general. Sometimes you need to give yourself an appraisal! I tend to not notice I'm into my bad habits until things start going wrong then I'm annoyed I didn't pick up on it sooner. I've told myself off though!

much love,
Becky xx