Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Meet Milo!

We have a new addition in the household... Milo our rescue dog!

Now that I'm doing much better and I have been looking after myself well and the house it was time to take on more responsibility. I've grown up with dogs but haven't had my own since moving out. I know how comforting it is to have a pet and for me I find animals can brighten you up and relax you. It was time I had my own. 

We nearly took in a cat that often comes to see us. When I was down seeing him rush over when I was going to my door made me feel loved and needed by something that doesn't understand me, he just wants to say hi. This felt extra special from a cat because let's face it out of all the animals in the world cats are probably top of the list for not giving a shit about you! It turns out the cat had lived in the area for years and was fed by three other neighbours on a daily basis.... also turns out that he allows you a cuddle and purrs to make you feel at ease before he bites you! I needed a dog!

It's beautiful that we saved him as well. He had been with the RSPCA a while, been overlooked by people and was getting stressed in his kennels as he doesn't like other dogs. This stressed out, overlooked little boy just wanted a loving family and to be with people and now he has us. Ironic really! He's the doggy version of me! I felt overlooked, lonely, stressed out and it was love and patience (and medication) that made me feel myself again. I wouldn't suggest that a pet is the best idea to deal with depression for everyone. It is important you can care for yourself as well as the animal and if you struggle in the future that there is another person who can help care for your pet. Although I have a feeling that this loveable little boy will help keep me focused.

Much love,
Becky and Milo xx

UPDATE: February 23,2016
Milo has really settled in now and become part of the pack! He really has changed our daily routines and brought us so much joy. Coming downstairs on a morning or back home to the most excited "YAY you're here" greeting ever. He stamps his feet, whines and wags his tail while rubbing past your legs for cuddles. He follows us around and gives a little nudge with his nose and whenever we sit down he wants to be right next to us or on us for a cuddle. Whenever I'm on the laptop he has to be on my knee, legs spread over the keyboard too.

Dogs are so loyal and loving. They don't judge or go off you. They are always happy to see you and don't want you to be away from them too long. He's someone who needs my interaction and me to look after him. He's a very gentle and placid little guy too. He's just perfect!

Walking him feels like a companion while I'm out and when I take him out with my partner we take our travel mugs of tea, hold hands and chat about our day. It's some alone time and feels great all wrapped up in the cold with wellies on. I love my wellies!

It also means because we need to walk him that we go out at different times of the day and in all weathers which is so refreshing. I can't lie in bed all morning when I'm off and he reminds me when it's bedtime by going to sleep on his bed every night before 11!

He's done me and my mental health so much good and I'm so grateful for him. I'm so glad he's in our lives and I really have noticed how much he keeps me chilled, happy and focused on routine. And we return the favour by giving this once forgotten dog a loving new home and family.

I'm going to go walk my best bud and I'll see you on the next blog!

Much love,
Becky xx

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