Monday, January 11, 2016

the good that came from depression

I need to give a big shout out to twitter! I'd not used it before but thought it might help promote my blog and it has really made my day. 

My tweets linking to this blog are being retweeted by groups and individuals I didn't even know existed. People who campaign for mental health help and rights, people who offer support, people who tweet about their mental health and counselling services... I want to thank you all. 

Depression is lonely, you feel like the only one and worry people don't understand and you'll be singled out because of it. NOPE! All the people/groups on my twitter understand, sympathise, support and the majority are taking the positive, "let's talk about it" option.

Depression does not define you but it can shape you. Remember some of the greatest minds, actors, artists, performers, public speakers, have had or do have mental health problems. You don't have to be famous either to be depressed and amazing! There are all kinds of people that are depressed that are just as amazing, funny, bubbly, caring, loving, inspirational, creative as anyone else out there. 

Depression can shape you positively. Use it to reevaluate your life and look at positive changes you want to make.It took me to be put onto sick leave for my depression for me to actually realise I'd not been myself for quite a while. I looked at things in my life I found stressful, upsetting, agitating and I made changes. 

I appreciate my physical health more now and I looked at things I could introduce to help me stay happy like my weekly food shop items, hobbies, booking time away camping, taking walks, visiting loved ones more and writing this blog!

So thank you for your input depression!
  • Depression made this blog, now my love of writing and helping others has a purpose
  • Depression gave me the courage to find a new job 
  • Depression showed me to take more care of myself 
  • Depression built stronger relationships with my loved ones
I have a life and I will live it. 
I live and I will live positively. 
I am positive and I will shout it.
I have a message and I will say it.

So really depression failed and I came out the winner!

Much love,
Becky xx


Deb Mcc said...

I started my blog way back in 2007. Frankly, I was hesitant and also embarrassed by my illness and unsure that anybody would want to read about my plight or experiences. Well it did, and back then we didn't have likes, followers or Twitter.

People are interested and come together as a community with those who are struggling with the same illness. We're interested in each other, research and news. Mental illness has that stigma, so who most understands, but us.

I didn't even understand how Twitter worked until last year, I had an account, but was totally clueless at how it could assist with exposure to my blog. Happy we've connected. Cheers! Deb

Becky said...

I totally agree. I spoke to my doctor and was given counselling websites to look at but it didn't seem to suit me. I didn't want to talk to a professional or someone who hadn't had depression before so I typed depression into youtube. Hundreds of videos came up explaining depression in a 'less medical' way and their were lots of personal stories. They really clicked with me because I could watch them and think 'yes me too'. I could see comments from other people going through the same and it put me at ease and made me feel in a group almost.

I look forward to reading your blog.

Take care,
Becky xx