Monday, February 29, 2016

Getting Lyrical

I am a music lover! I couldn't go a day without singing, dancing or listening to music. I love that you can find music to compliment or change your mood and it can give you a buzz where you forget about the world around you. I'm known for giving it my all singing in my car and can't help dancing in my kitchen. Sometimes I hear a piece of music and I just have to create a burlesque routine to it or dance with my veil fans, other times I daydream I'm singing it to a packed arena (even though I can't sing!). So how can music affect and help depression?

Mood Playlist and Motivation
Sometimes you need your mood to be lifted and sometimes you need to understand or explore your mood a little better. I find music really helps. I have short playlists on my phone and CD's in my car that are for chill out/relaxing time, deep meaning/ sad, upbeat, dance and just my favourite songs I enjoy. You can match the music to your mood or counteract it.

If there are songs you always turn to for certain events or feelings really listen to the lyrics. What are they saying? Does it link to your mood or circumstances? It might even answer a few questions if you feel a little lost about how you feel.

Dance, Sing and Exercise
If you love to dance or sing make a CD or playlist of your favourite songs and go for it! If you exercise you might want to accompany it with some motivational music. Whenever you hear those songs it will make you think of being energetic and lively and instantly pick you up.

Sometimes you hear a song that just describes you, your situation or that you really relate to. It just hits you and it's like the singer/songwriter completely gets you. If you ever struggle to explain how you feel to a loved one just play them the song and tell them the lyrics that really stand out to you.

It's always good to make sure you have some calm and soothing songs for relaxation. Take time to just relax and have the music on in the background. To begin with I needed white noise to help me sleep and found on Youtube a piece of music that included rainforest sounds. It really helped me switch off and concentrate on the soft sounds rather than the tinnitus side effect I had.

Music can hold memories for a lot of people. It might be happy memories or emotional memories. Sometimes I find emotional memories can be hard to think about and come to terms with but listening to the song that holds this memory can help me let it all out and focus on thinking it through. Other times I hear a song and a smile comes on my face because it reminds me of fun times and people I love.

Music Therapy
I don't have any experience of music therapy but many people attend music therapy to help with depression and anxiety. It might be something you'd be interested in and you can find out more with an internet search or speaking to your GP or psychologist.

Much love,
Becky xx

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