Saturday, February 27, 2016

TABOO one for the ladies

I wanted to write about something I haven't read on other blogs or forums but that I believe the ladies out there must have either come across or want to know about BUT it's a little taboo. It's the effects that depression, anxiety and stress can have on your lady bits! Yes boobies and your downstairs. So let's get personal!

Breast Pain
Breast tenderness has been linked to depression, some anti-depressants and is more likely to happen to women in their 20s. It is very uncomfortable and can be worrying when your mind plays tricks. It would start for me and last up to 2/3 days which meant I'd then start worrying if something else was wrong. If you are worried that it isn't related to depression then please see your GP but also know that it can be a symptom. Treat it as you would do with breast tenderness you have experienced with your menstrual cycle.

Thrush and depression have links also. Thrush is a Candida yeast infection and can go unnoticed in some people. If you have thrush it can have a great effect on your mood and be the underlying cause of depressed feelings and mood swings.

Vaginal Discomfort
Anxiety and stress can have an odd side effect of vaginal discomfort. The vagina is kept healthy by having a balance of healthy and unhealthy bacteria but these can be affected by stress and anxiety. You can also experience cramps and discharge. It is important that if you experience this that you visit your GP or sexual health clinic to make sure that it isn't the sign of an infection, STI or other health issue.

Anxiety, stress and depression can lower your desire to have sex and your ability to enjoy sex. This can make sex painful and uncomfortable. You need to tell your partner this and explain that it is linked to your mental health and not to your relationship. Find other ways to be intimate whether it's a bath together, massage, cuddles or anything else you feel like doing!

Why did I write this post?
Because I hate the stigma attached to mental health and I hate the stigma attached to female genital health. It is a greatly important subject that people need to know about. It can be a huge worry for women when they know something isn't quite right, especially if it is a recurring issue that they can't find an answer to. I visited my gynecologist many times for unexplained reasons that they couldn't find an answer to. There were no infections or anything else a miss a part from I wasn't right! Looking back now I had these problems when I was run down and struggling mentally before I was diagnosed with depression so this links up. Don't ever be embarrassed to talk to your GP or partner about female health. It's your body, its natural and its normal!

Much love,
Becky xx

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