Monday, February 15, 2016

Survival Kit

As promised my 'Back to Work Survival Kit' blog is here. I can't stress enough how important it is to have yourself prepped and prepared when you first go back to work. All I wanted to do was get myself back home but that wasn't an option. So I knew if I was going to be out and about I needed to take my emergency kit with me- prepped and prepared for all eventualities!

First of all I thought what issues I had that might be a problem when I was out and what my panic attacks entailed. That was mainly dry mouth, tiredness, irritated skin, nausea, anxiety, excess sweating, aches and pains and confusion. I then looked at how I dealt with these at home and what I could take with me to deal with them else where. It does mean a bit of shopping for a few things (I bought miniatures so my bag wasn't so full and heavy) but it didn't cost more than £5 as I had most of the things already. A lot of the things people will carry with them anyway but to start with I couldn't think "keys, purse, phone and go" like I sometimes do now. It had to be Survival Kit! So here's what goes into my Anna Field handbag:

  • Purse with change, RAC card, driving license, bank card- for any emergency
  • House keys with my fav keyring on to make me smile
  • Mobile- make sure it's charged, you have credit and you have your I.C.E number saved in there (In Case of Emergency)
  • Medication- I keep my tablets in my bag but even if you don't it's good to carry the packaging or leaflet with you in case anyone needed it (accident, severe side effect, sudden illness)
  • Mirror, brush, hair ties- for when I was running late then realised my hair was a mess!
  • Body Shop 'Born Lippy' lip balm and Body Shop Honey Mania hand cream- for my irritated and dry skin
  • Body Shop Satsuma hand sanitizer- I love the fresh smell and it calms me a little, I like my hands clean when I get stressed out too
  • Baby wipes, mini Nivea Pearl and Beauty deodorant, mini Christian Lacroix Bijou perfume and a spare vest top- for the panic attack aftermath and a freshen up
  • Healthy snacks for an energy boost and so I could snack when my appetite was low
  • Painkillers- sometimes these helped my aches and pains but sometimes they didn't- don't rely on painkillers though and speak to your doctor if you need them often
  • Heart shaped worry stone- my husband bought me this
    years ago, take a little love token, mascot, special jewellry or photo with you that you can look at and feel a little happier and safer
  • Notebook and pen- keeping notes helped with my confusion and writing my thoughts down helped sometimes, it gave me something to do in the staffroom when I wasn't up for talking too
  • Bottle of water with Berroca orange in for dry mouth and an energy boost
  • Skullcandy headphones- so I could listen to my favourite songs on my break- something chilled or watch a youtube video normally home interior or tattoo vlogs
I hope this helps you get some ideas for how to feel more at ease when you're not at home.

Much love,
Becky xx

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