Wednesday, June 01, 2016

How They Influence People- Gig Therapy

We all have that one band or artist that we love. I saw mine live on Saturday. A band that I grew up with, that I've been to many of their gigs with my parents (from age 5/6), that holds memories for me, that their songs remind me of hilarious moments with my dad and that just let me get my emotions out. That band is Terrorvision. If you don't know them then look them up, they're awesome... now back to the blog and what this has to do with mental health!

Use the tools you have around you for mood control. What makes you feel happy? What helps you get your tears out? What gives you an energy boost? What reminds you of someone or something special? For me the answer to these are many little things from food, to scents, to objects but one of the main things I use for this is music and especially this band. I have their songs on my phone and carry headphones everywhere I go, a CD in my car and I try to see them live as much as I can. They are pretty much my therapists!

So when I need to cry or want to feel close to my dad or need to scream but want to sing my heart out instead I listen to their music. I use the song or songs that reflect my mood. By listening to the songs that are mellow and help me get my tears out when I am sad it helps me express this mood. But I don't want to feed the sadness too much. I want to let it out but then I want to distract from it. So then I'll listen to the songs that I find quite chilled out to relax and calm myself. So my tip is to express your mood then correct your mood, it's mood management. 

I find it hard to change my mood full circle such as going from really upset to overly happy so I get myself back in the middle. Chilled out and not affected or held back by a mood. This seems more natural to me than forcing myself to feel happy when I'm not. Sometimes I just need to let the emotion out and really feel it. Depression seems to dull my emotions and makes me feel nothing when my heart is shouting "react!!". So sometimes I just need help feeling. It really works for me.

If you love the band like me or want to give them a listen here are some suggestions that I use for my mood management...

Terrorvision Songs to Suit My Mood

To remember my dad by: If I Was You, Oblivion, My House
Happy: Tequila, Come Home Beanie, any song that reminds me of my dad
Nostalgic: Perseverance, Pretend Best Friend, Easy
Upset: Run and Hide, Ten Shades of Grey, From Out of Nothing
Angsty: Bad Actress, Some People Say, Alice What's The Matter
Chilled: Mugwump, Josephine, Superchronic
Energetic: D'Ya Wanna Go Faster, Discotheque Wreck, All The Girls Wanna Dance

Does anyone else do this and if so who is your go to musician? 

And a huge and heartfelt thank you to Terrorvision for the memories, the smiles, the silly times and your dedication to your fans and shows. As you say "I couldn't be me if it wasn't for you."

Much love,
Becky xx


Steven Williams said...

I try to use music. Doesn't always work. I don't really have a go to artist/band. I just need an upbeat tempo. I can normally tell very quick if it's going to work and sometimes it only helps for a half hour, but ever little bit helps.

Becky said...

I know what you mean, sometimes I just can't listen to certain things or I'm not in the mood for certain types of music or songs. its only a little thing but like you say every bit helps and is worth a try