Sunday, June 19, 2016

Mobile Phones and Mental Illness

On Friday I helped at an event where I served tables for a charity event. I noticed that between courses the majority of the guests were sat in silence with their phones in their hand. It was a very sad sight to see that at a social event more people were on social media sites on their phones rather than being social with the people sat right next to them. People they knew as you could buy a table for your group. I'm sure we're all guilty of it but it did make me wonder just how much do we use our phones? And how many of us are actually addicted to them?

I found studies that showed how some mobile phone users show behaviours that you would see in someone with a substance addiction. Becoming irritable or worried when they don't have their phone to hand. Choosing to use their phone when it is inappropriate such as when driving or secretly at work. Spending excessive amounts of time on their mobile. Constantly changing their phone to have the latest mobile and spending excessive money on upgrades, apps, tariffs and accessories. Using their phone at work when they know it could mean disciplinary action. This doesn't seem healthy behaviour at all but what worries me the most is what people miss out on while being hooked to their phone. 

I've seen parents staring at their phone screens while their children play in the park. Couples on dates where they are both sat phone in hand. People on holiday constantly on social media. Cars swerving as the driver tries to text. Panic in peoples faces when they realise they left their phone at home. People at gigs filming the live event rather than enjoying it.

Don't get me wrong social media has been great for me to connect with others and promote my blog. It's good to know I can call or text people whenever I need to and I have my phone in case of emergency. I capture a lot of memories with my camera. I use my phone to bluetooth music to my workplaces sound system. This is all great but I also stay awake on my phone regularly and use Youtube to fall to sleep. The first thing I do on a morning is check my social media. I tend to go on my phone at home whenever guests come round. 

Really what I'm trying to say is life is happening around you and not on your phone. Put it down and spend time with the people around you. Don't risk your job or your safety using your mobile inappropriately. Use it in moderation. It may improve your mental health.

Much love,
Becky xx