Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Letter To Depression

Dear Depression,

I am writing to let you know that our relationship is over and you are to be evicted. Although you have opened many opportunities for me which I am grateful for; starting my blog, finding out about myself and meeting new people, I feel you have become controlling and not very nice to live with. 

I have tried to ignore you and work with you, I even let you have your own way for a while but I have to think about me now. You have been unwanted from the start and I don't believe you were invited or welcome in the first place. Nor do I appreciate you letting your friend Anxiety stay here either! You have actually forced entry and are therefore squatters. 

You may claim squatters rights and that you are now in fact a part of me but I don't remember me ever been like you two. You're not the sort of people I'd ever choose to associate with. We are just too different. I don't want any contact with you after this so stay clear of me at social events too.

Any attempt you make to come back will be challenged. Make sure you take Anxiety with you as you are both upsetting my beloved housemates Sleep and Calm. They have been with me since birth whereas you two are newcomers. So I'm afraid it's last in, first out. It's just too full up there and my other housemates don't like you and your strange ways. You upset them greatly and force them to stay in their rooms and not come out, especially Confidence and Happiness, they are intimidated by you.

Saying all this I am not bitter about your stay. Yes we have had differences and fall outs but you have helped me achieve some great things and have given my housemates Determination and Strength a kick up the bum that they needed. They weren't pulling their weight for a while but had to step up with you around and now they are leading the others on. To keep it on good terms we'll just say it wasn't meant to be and it's not me, it's you!

Much love,

Becky xx


Sarah said...

I love this! Depression seems to have taken over my life, on most days. I wish there was a switch to turn it off. Or at least a warning that a huge wave of depression was about to slap you in the face.

Stay strong! ❤

Becky said...

This post shows how far someone can come. In the beginning I feared that this would be the new me for the rest of my life and that I couldn't handle that. I'd never go back to work, I'd give up driving and going to places and miss out on life. But now I'm more me again. I hope you are finding ways to kick depressions butt. It gets easier xx