Sunday, March 27, 2016

Pass the Pencils

By now I'm sure you will have all seen or heard of adult colouring books, and in particular you may have noticed the anti-stress adult colouring books. If you haven't or you're wondering what all the fuss is about then this is your introduction.

What are they? 

They are colouring books aimed at adults with themes such as patterns, floral, animals, the ocean and they are more intricately drawn than a standard childs colouring book. 

Are they just a new trend?

Although the adult colouring books you see in stores may be a relatively new trend the idea isn't that new at all. Psychologist Carl Jung used to encourage his patients suffering with mental health illnesses to colour in mandala's around 1900. He has some very inspirational quotes too if you search him on the internet.

How do they work?

Colouring is said to lower blood pressure, help your brain focus, help you deal with and reduce stress, help you relax, pass some time, helps with fine motor skills, combats anxiety, helps you centre and calm down.

Who are they for?

Some doctors suggest colouring for adults with dementia, alzheimer's, stress, anxiety, depression, terminal illnesses and more. Plenty of people just enjoy them or use them to unwind. Others like them to get creative and many enjoy to colour with their children or grandchildren. People doodle at work, in classes, whilst on the phone, etc..

Have I ever used colouring books to destress?

Yes I have. I bought a children's colouring book when I was first diagnosed with depression as suggested to me by a friend who had been in the same situation.

Would you recommend them?

It did pass the time and help me focus on something else other than my thoughts. The tension I was feeling was immense and at first it felt as though I would snap the pens I used. I found it stressful when I couldn't stay inside the lines due to being so confused at the time. So my reaction was mixed but I would say they are definitely worth a try.

Are they expensive?

You can search 'adult colouring pages' on the internet and find printable images for free. If you want the books I have seen them range from around £3 to £20 and they can be found in most supermarkets an bookstores, or online. 

Can I colour online?

Yes you can. If you search 'adult colouring pages online' it will bring up websites where you can colour online. It uses tools similar to Microsoft Paint where you choose tools and colours to colour in the image. I'm not sure whether this has the same effect but it is something simple that helps you concentrate and takes your mind off other things.

So why not get colourful and give it a go!

Much love,

Becky xx


Marie Keen said...

Hi Sweetie
The mind is a facinating place. I have looked at the colouring books numerous times and thought that looks like a good idea. Then thought I have lots of things to do and don't want to immerse myself in one of them when I have so much to do. Ironically I will sit flicking through the tv guide or facebook wasting time but with little benefit. Lol. I will purchase one of the colouring books when I'm in town next. :-) xx

Becky said...

hello lovely. they are good for when your in bed on a night thinking about trawling through facebook or watching tv because you can't sleep. hope you get some benefit from them :) much love xx