Friday, March 18, 2016

The Perfect Gift

What could be the perfect gift for someone who is struggling Something you could take your friend as a token of love or if it's a special occasion. Something that's a lovely gift but also sensitive and useful. I can only speak from my own personal view but here's what I would have found nice to receive. All these gifts can be picked up for under £10, just shop around or go more expensive if you wish.

Flowers/ Plant

If you have read my previous blog about plants and flowers you will know the benefit of having them in the home and what colours can affect your mood. A peace lily plant would be my gift of choice to someone because they clear the air, are easy to look after and look really nice in the home. I have two in my bedroom as they aid sleep.

Seasonal Essentials

Things like gloves, fluffy socks, lip balms, scarf, welly socks, sunglasses, umbrella, etc... Anything that relates to the current season that they may not have chance to get out and buy yet. Without being pushy these presents are outdoors gifts really. When people have been at home for a while it's nice to show faith that you know they'll get out there soon. Even if they wear them in the garden. Again this doesn't have to be an expensive gift and you can look for things in that person's favourite colour, material or with a character on they like. My Batman socks were a very welcome gift!

A Diary or Notebook

It really helps me to get my thoughts down and it's helpful when you are slightly confused from medication and illness. Things like keeping dates, making to do lists and shopping lists helped me stay focused on what needed to be done. Go for something in their favourite colour, with an inspirational quote on the cover, with their favourite character or pattern on the front. You can buy personalised notebooks from some companies that will add a photograph or message for you. You can even write a little note on the first page as a sweet gesture for them to look back on.

Scented Candles

I have a post on aromatherapy and scents that help keep you calm and can de-stress. If you can find out which scent they love or something that relates to a sweet or food they like it's a lovely idea. Go for their favourite colour and you can easily tie a ribbon or gift tag around the jar which makes it look impressive. 

Herbal Teas

Calming herbal teas are a nice thought, just make sure it's something they would use. Again the idea is to take it as a gift and sit over a cup with them. Bring along their favourite biscuits or buns or make some sandwiches and turn it into high tea.

Slippers or A Throw

Comfy and a nice present. Very useful and great for if you are recovering at home, especially in the colder weather. Again find something a little more personal with the pattern, colour or character that suits that person.

Something Personal

This could relate to a childhood love, a hobby or a favourite of theirs. It could be something in the form of a plush toys, a mug, a key ring, socks, a DVD or book.

A Favour

This can be free to the gift giver but priceless to the recipient. You might tidy up their garden, clean the house, do the ironing, wash their car, do their shopping or get them some essentials. If you have a skill such as beauty therapy, hair stylist, decorator, crafter, chef... maybe offer your service for free.

A Visit With Lunch

Whether you buy in lunch or make it, it's a lovely gesture and time spent together. You could eat it in the garden or over a film. Even breakfast in bed would be welcome by me! It also saves the person a bit of money. To extend the gift why not make it together if they would like that. Spend the day cooking together or invite around a group of close friends or family just give them some warning and make sure they are up to it.

A Cake

Whether you bake it or buy it it's a lovely gesture. Make sure it's their favourite flavour and you can personalise it with a special candle, ice a message on or choose their favourite colours. Even a cupcake or their favourite sweet treat. The most important part of this gift is to share it over a cup of tea that you make for you both and have a good chat.

It's all about the thought and the gesture, not the money. Some of the nicest gifts I've been given have cost very little or been free. On my teaching practise a little boy bought me a single flower when I left and said "we got this for you because it's nice", my husband used to travel on the train to see me and make sure he picked up my favourite bar of chocolate on the journey, my mum buys me fluffy socks because I love being comfy and my best friend has brought me my lunch in the past as a cheer up. These were all thoughtful and personal to me and that's what mattered.

Much love,

Becky xx

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