Thursday, March 03, 2016

Depression and Tattoos

I have 9 tattoos and plan on getting a lot more. I just love that I can personalise my body and mark special events or reminders of people. I find getting tattooed quite therapeutic and an instant confidence boost when I see my new additions. Here's why...

My Depression Tattoo

I like my tattoos to have deep meanings to them so that I'll never regret them and they'll always be relevant. Because depression was such a big life changing event for me I wanted to have it has a reminder. Not a reminder of the depression but of the fact that I came through it a better person. It needed to be something positive so I had a quote on the back of my leg. I wanted it there to show I can walk away from depression.

The tattoo reads "just when the caterpillar thought the world was ending it turned into a butterfly." This reminds me that life gets tough so you can evaluate yourself, better yourself and make changes. It makes you fight to prove that you can do it and although my 'world ended' I came out of it a new person.

Remembrance Tattoos

I have two tattoos dedicated to my dad who passed away in 2011 and I plan on getting one for my Grandad and one for my Great Grandad. I also have a crow as they are believed to be the bearer of souls. I love that I can put something on my body forever that relates to people who are part of me, especially my dad. Seeing them reminds me to smile about him and know that he is with me.

Stay Strong Tattoo

I've seen a lot of people with the words Stay Strong on their bodies or similar ideas to remind them to keep going. A lot of these tattoos relate to mental health or personal struggle. They will always have something that is a permanent reminder to keep going. I love that.

Semicolon Tattoo ;

Started with Project Semicolon by Amy Bluel who lost her dad to suicide. She decided she wanted a tattoo to remember him by but also to raise suicide awareness. The semicolon is used in a sentence where you could have ended it with a full stop or continue it further by using a semicolon. Amy thought this reflected life, you can chose to end it or chose to carry it on. This tattoo has gotten really popular and I think it's helping to end stigma by getting people asking about the tattoo and recognising the meaning.

For whatever reason you get tattoos remember they are your personal stamp and it doesn't matter if you have to be on a waiting list or pay a lot for a great artist because it is with you for life. Think it through and go to somewhere that will do it justice.

Much love,
Becky xx


Marie Keen said...

Hii Becky
I also love my tattoos. Yes they all do tell a story. They are all certain points in my life and reminders, some happy, some sad. But I wouldn't remove any of them now. One I will have re-inked and added too.
All your posts have been well written and mostly quite close to home for me. I also enjoy writing and I hope you find it as theraputic as I do.
Many hugs Marie xx

Becky said...

Hello lovely,
I love this comment so much, thank you! I've always written from being a child and yes it really is best therapy for me. Tattoos are a life story on some people. I think of my skin as a book. Me being an overthinker I have to put a million meanings into one before I get it :)
Hearing someone say its close to home is mixed feelings; sad that you feel what I have and happy that someone understands and relates. Thank you for telling me that.
Virtually hugging back! xx